Want to learn how to find amazing deals on lowes.com?

Following is a simple method to find items at a huge discount.  If you sell on Amazon or eBay, you can easily resell your finds for huge profits.

1. Go to lowes.com

2. Locate your nearest lowes location and set this to your preferred store

3. Choose a category (I usually start with tools)

4. Sort the product list by price from highest to lowest

5. Start scrolling until you find a scenario like this:

You sorted the price from highest to lowest, why is the Hitachi Drill priced less than the one above and below it?

We can see this same item is selling on Amazon.com for much more.  If you were to sell this with Amazon's FBA program you'd make an easy $80 profit.
Setting your local lowes as your store causes the website to display the local store's price for items.  It sorts the items by the retail price but displays your local price.  

This makes it simple to find items that are deeply discounted at your local store.  Note that these are not the same as clearance items.  In the above example there is no clearance label associated with the item.

Here is another example of two garden sheds I purchased a few months back.  These retail for about $400 each.  Look what I snagged them for:


Add these discount items to your cart and select in-store pickup. If you have multiple lowes locations nearby, change your selected store and repeat the process.  

To save even more money use a credit card with cashback, I usually use my Discover Card to get at least 5%.

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Please comment below if you have any questions or have additional tips.

Updated 8/14/2014 to include how to video below:


04/17/2017 5:10pm

I am so happy I've found your post here! I will try this trick as soon as possible.

04/18/2017 11:31pm

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